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Normal climate in Louisiana is hot, rainy, humid summers, short mild winters, defined as subtropical on average. It is predicted that the climate in Louisiana’s climate is only going to get hotter, more rainy, and more humid. This constant rain typically results in flooding all throughout the state, year round. On top of this the state of Louisiana loses 30 feet of coastline on average per year, due to erosion, rising sea levels and the constant hurricane damage. If something is not done to combat this soon, with rising sea levels and increased rainfall, it's only a matter of time until the state is constantly underwater. We can do a number of things in order to combat this constant threat. We need better dam systems, better weather prediction technology and evacuation routes, and most importantly we need to go green as soon as possible. Switching to solar, water, and wind power would drastically reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and help to decrease the rise rate of the sea level. The average person reducing their carbon footprint could go a long way, if everyone bands together.