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Beat The Heat Louisiana has some of the most extreme heat conditions. The normal climate is relatively short and mild winters, hot summers, and year-round precipitation. The main reason that it feels like it gets hotter every summer is because of the hot and humid air that blows in from the Gulf of Mexico. Louisiana has a very low socioeconomic community. This heat could make us have to use more air conditioning, which will negatively affect our already poor community greatly. Drought has affected our state greatly too. Northeastern Louisiana, where our crops are mainly grown, farmers are struggling to dig up little to no crops due to the drought. Some citizens do not have central heating and cooling, meaning that the extreme heat will make the Louisiana death rate go up significantly. In order to improve the problems, our community could try to burn less fossil fuels. In addition, we could invest in more electric cars, because as of right now they are not very prominent in Louisiana communities. Energy-efficient appliances and equipment would very prominently assist in the heat issue. Planting more trees and other plants would additionally assist in trying to lessen the amount of extreme heat.