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THE FATAL FLOOD Louisiana has had many different climate changes throughout the years. Flooding is one of the main climate changes in Louisiana. Flooding happens a lot in Louisiana from many different things. A few of the things that can cause flooding in Louisiana is hurricanes, heavy rainfall, levees breaking, storm surge, and also snow melt from up north. There are many different things that we can do to help prevent flooding in Louisiana. A few things are we can build more levees and make them stronger, and we can also have big pumps ready for when Louisiana has heavy rainfall. We can also build more man-made ditches and canals coming from small low-level towns that drain into main rivers. We could also help by cleaning out ditches and canals more often than we do now. Flooding affects a lot of things like houses at sea level and it could also affect transportation because roads could flood easily and prevent people from fleeing the area and could trap them in low flood plains.