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Have you noticed that the coastline seems smaller than it used to be? Well, it is; this is due to erosion caused by tropical storms. The coastline, whether it’s made up of sandbars, beaches, or marsh, forms a buffer that slows down storms. When the storm hits land, the intensity of the storm will dilute, but not before giving a beating to the coastline. With ocean temperatures rising because of climate change, the risk of hurricanes has increased, leading to quicker erosion of our coastlines. So what can we do to save our beaches and marshes? One possible solution would be to place manmade marshes and sandbars on the outskirts of the real ones, this way the coast will have more protection for the storm to take its strongest hit. These man-made buffers would pose little to no threat to the environment because the organisms around them are already used to them, in fact, it could make more habitats for them to thrive in. While there isn't much we can do to put an end to climate change, we can come up with inventive ways such as this to protect our beaches and wetlands from erosion.