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Rampant mosquito-borne diseases, increased use of pesticides, devastated food chains, out of control insect populations, and no more chunky friends. This could be the reality that we would face without frogs in our ecosystems in a hundred year’s time, and climate change is to blame. Climate change contributes to the decrease in the frog population by eroding away the coast caused by rising sea levels. This also causes storm patterns to be even more energetic which affects most of our coast line through inundation and increased erosion. On top of the frogs and numerous other animals losing their habitat, we also lose our valuable land. We lose the land responsible for recreation, storm mitigation, habitats, and flood control. Louisiana loses around 25 square miles of land every year, while sea levels are likely to rise 1-3 feet during the next century. Louisiana has only so many frogs; let's not lose what little this state already has. Frogs, along with many other species, are vital to our way of life. Without frogs, life would be meaningless, sad, and frogless. We can help prevent this by rebuilding the marshlands affected by climate change. We still have time to save the frogs.