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LOUISIANA DOWNFALL Louisiana is known for extreme heat and the temperatures continue to rise. As climate change warms the atmosphere, warmer air can hold more water which helps to intensify downpours. When the warmer air is cooled and the moisture condenses, it often rains more. Over 47% of all properties in Louisiana are flood zones. Major flooding can affect many things including property, animals and their habitat, electricity, powerlines, and crops. Although there are ways to prepare and prevent things from happening during flooding, sometimes they don't always work. Some things that you could do to help prevent and prepare for flooding would be to create flood plains and overflow areas for rivers, dams and levees are good examples to help control water. Improving your property to prevent the damage of flood waters such as making floodproof improvements for floors and walls in your home could be beneficial. Dams built in rivers help control the flood waters.