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Louisiana makes up more than 40% of the country's wetlands, since the 1930s our state has lost more than 2,000 square miles of wetlands. 40% of the world's species live in wetlands but with the loss of the land more than 25% are at risk of extinction. It’s like a chain reaction when just one animal dies out and the whole food chain is gone because something needs it to survive. With rising sea levels caused by climate change wetlands are threatened by a chance of “drowning or dying”, when the vegetation becomes increasingly flooded it gradually loses vigor and dies out. Due to the loss of land around the state more animals are displaced, The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries suggest that we stay away, not feed or interact with the displaced animals, and to not drive on roadways that are flooded to avoid collisions with said wildlife. At the time of floods we need to put in temporary laws and protective laws, make special restricted refuge places for them to go in time of need, and build up the wetlands and the barrier island to add more storm buffers for the inner wetlands.