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The water has lots of hazards in it, these hazards include fertilizer, waste, oil, and industry waste. The pollutants that are in the rivers, streams, lakes, oceans, and other water sources can or are being evaporated into the sky. The weather can rain, sleet, or snow which children are playing in and that’s how they get sick. To protect our children and us adults from getting sick, make sure your children have appropriate clothing so they can play but if the kids and you do not have the appropriate clothing you must change immediately. Us humans also drink water that is cleansed ( means cleaned by a company) . Chlorine is used to clean the water to disinfect it. If you drink Chlorine you can have stomach aches, vomiting, and have diarrhea, also too much of it can have extreme toxic and be fatal to humans. If you know what happened to the PG & E company. PG & E lied about their water being poisoned. A lady named Erwin Brockovich knew something was off and until she figured out that PG & E was somehow causing people to get really sick.