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Climate change here in New Jersey is becoming grim. During the summer, we are having more common hot days, and even extreme heat advisories sometimes. Currently, New Jersey is the sixth-fastest warming state in the United States, and more than 180,000 people are vulnerable to extreme heat. To combat this, my proposed climate action plan is to create massive wind towers all over the state (especially in commonly hot areas) that will blow great amounts of wind onto the land surrounding it. These towers will be used during heat advisories and in general hot days to cool down the temperature for people. These towers will be made of metal to survive the harsh conditions of winter, and the structure itself will look sleek and slender, like a tall silo. There will be industrial sized turbines inside the structure that will spin rapidly to create wind, and there will be retractable metal grates on the outside of the structure that will open up when the wind is blowing and it will allow the wind to escape into the environment. To summarize, New Jersey is getting hotter. And with my idea, we can prevent that, with the power of the wind.