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Seaside towns have been working with containment companies to create floating, filtration, containment centers. These floating filtration centers will be engineered using the toughest and most buoyant materials possible. Each containment center will span the length of 30 miles. These centers will be electronically equipped to be controlled by plane, they will be physically released from planes before hurricanes and will be drawn out after hurricanes. Do to the flooding of the oceans during hurricanes, a large number of the aquatic wildlife loses their homes and some are forced to live in contaminated waters. Because of these facts, these containment centers will also be equipped with state of the art filtration systems. During ocean floods these centers will hold large amounts of aquatic life including the water they were found in. These centers continuously switch the water holding these animals and will continuously filter the water as well. These devices will travel with the flow of the hurricane and will travel with the waves to safer, more clean water so that they can travel out to different areans and filter or help more of the aquatic life. These devices will also be created with recycled plastic found in the waters.