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My proposed idea to prevent wildfires is to install large faux trees that can sense when smoke or fire is near and start spraying water and fire retardants. These structures will also have a system that can report to the nearest fire control area that there is a fire starting so they can act quicker. This system can automatically put out fires as soon as it senses them and can also be controlled by people when needed. They will look like natural trees so they do not disrupt the natural beauty of the land but will be made out of fire-resistant steel. They will be placed in forests that have had wildfires before or are prone to them. This will help the community withstand and respond to wildfires as it will prevent wildfires from spreading to extremely big sizes before they can be stopped. These structures will also prevent firefighters from putting themselves in danger to put the fire out, as they can be controlled from miles away and don't need a person anywhere near them. If placed in one-mile intervals, these structures can help stop the spread of devastating wildfires. These structures will be very convenient during unexpected emergencies.