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Recent studies show that as climate change continues, temperatures will rise causing a dangerous acceleration of mosquito development, biting rates, and the risks of disease spreading through mosquitos. In 2022, there isn’t a lot to help keep New Jersey strong as more mosquitos migrate to the U.S.. There are also mosquito bite tools such as the “Bug Bite Thing” and mosquito repellents, but they work very rarely. In order to decrease the risks of viruses carried by mosquitos, there could be a package that comes with a mosquito repellent gel and mosquito patches. The repellent gel would work 75% of time by using more essential oils like citronella and DEET, an eco-friendly chemical in other repellents. Since this gel doesn’t work 100% of the time the package will also come with mosquito patches. These will work exactly like pimple patches except bug bites instead of pimples. It will suck out the mosquito’s saliva so that is less possible to get a disease. By delivering a complete package to each door, there will be a decrease in the risks of viruses carried by mosquitos, so that the community can be more resilient in New Jersey, now and in the future.