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In order to help build a more resilient community against raging blizzards, which have been proven to become more frequent and rough now that the Earth’s atmosphere traps more moisture, designing and manufacturing tungsten platforms that can raise houses up to seven feet in the air can help make communities more resilient to these storms. These tungsten made platforms will be constructed with a newly innovative design which can withhold the weight of over 300,000 pounds for up to 72 hours, have the ability to be unseen when not in use and most importantly, support homes and residents inside to stay safely above ground when blizzards hit. Even though the platform’s strength will be impeccable, as it will be made out of Tungsten, one of Earth’s strongest metals, the platform’s walls and legs will also have the support of the snowfall to add even more support for homes. Being elevated from the ground will help ensure those in communities don’t have to experience the negative effects that come with blizzards. Living in homes elevated from the ground also helps with ventilation, service connection, and most importantly, protection.