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Since warmer temperatures are expected to produce more server heat waves, I will decrease the rise in temperature so that citizens of New Jersey will be safe. I will do this by creating a holographic dome, this dome will protect the inside from heat by keeping the heat on the outside over the dome using aerodynamics. Another feature of the dome is that the inside of the dome temperatures and weather can be controlled by the governor of the area. The weather and temperatures will automatically be the normal weather like sunny and high temperatures in the summer and snowy and cold in the winter. Also, it can be voted on by the citizens in the area, like if they wanted a rainy day for either their flowers or just a nice rainy day then they could. It works with new modern technology letting any type of weather/temperature be virtually shown on the inside of the dome. Since the dome is holographic, the dome can be walked, driven, or flown through without you even knowing because you will gradually change the weather until you get to the next dome.