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A specially designed building called “BreezeBunker” will be mass produced all around New Jersey. These buildings will be spread out exactly 5 miles away from each other. The public has free access to these buildings, in which the buildings provide cool drinking water (in the form of water fountains) and cool temperatures. The building possesses a total of 3 entrances, each with two double-doors. These double-doors will not open unless its “partner” double-door is closed (this is to prevent cold air from leaving and hot air getting in). The buildings are attached to the state’s plumbing system (for the water), however they are not attached to the state’s power grid. This is in case the power grid fails during hot temperatures, which would leave a “BreezeBunker” relatively useless. Instead, each building is accustomed with multiple solar panels to provide electricity for Air Conditioning. This will prove to be vital when the sun is extremely intense because it will also provide more energy. The solar panels will also power the water-chiller that cools the water from the plumbing system. This cooled water will then enter the building’s pipe network and travel to one of the many water fountains.