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New Jersey's climate is known to be unpredictable and sporadic. Focusing on the hotter end, New Jersey is the sixth-fastest warming state in the U.S., making its residents especially susceptible to extreme heat. In fact, this past summer (2022) is on record as the third-hottest NJ summer. With temperatures over 100°, many harmful health conditions can arise including heat poisoning, skin damage, heat stroke (in serious cases), etc, with dehydration and warming body temperature being two main causes of heat-related health hazards. This can affect any partakers and spectators of the many outdoor activities occurring in the summer. How might we decrease the adverse health effects of extreme heat in New Jersey, so that the community can be more resilient? One solution can be an app advertised to New Jersey residents that sends out notifications, considering the current weather. It may sound similar to the already existing weather alerts on most smartphones, but the app could include reminders such as: to drink water, use cooling towels or spray bottles, or cool off indoors when the temperatures are high and the device begins overheating. Although the focus is on extreme heat, this app could work for lower temperatures as well.