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Heavy rains and flooding are frequent occurrences in some places, and they are dangerous for people affected by them. In places frequently affected by flooding, the community can make changes that can reduce the effect of these natural disasters.. There can be an increased amount of water drains, with a greater size than before. This helps in draining out the water from heavy storms before it becomes a bigger problem. If the geography is situated in such a way that the water goes to one area more than the others, people can move to safer locations higher up in the area instead of staying in a place where water will build up. An increase in plants can also help reduce flooding, as plants can help by absorbing water and they can also help by reducing global warming which is a leading factor in flooding. To make it easier for people to prepare for floods, especially in poorer areas, there can be warning signs hung up with information on what to do when a flood starts and when this flood is predicted to start for people to see when heavy rains are being forecasted.