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I have been researching climate change effects in New Jersey and I have seen a lot of information about how the sea levels are rising and the temperatures keep increasing. The sea levels are predicted to rise from 2 to 4 feet. My idea is to create a new aquatic species called Icers. This new species will be made in a high tech lab and they will be like a smaller whale mixed with a dinosaur. They will be able to suck in a lot of water at a time, when the warm water goes through it will turn very cold. Icers will be able to do this because their body temperature will be significantly lower than other aquatic animals. Another feature the Icers will have is lots of spikes and sharp teeth. The lab will put chips in the first group that they create. The chips will make the Icers smarter to get out of fights with other animals. Another benefit the chip has is to make the first group teach their offspring all of their skills and knowledge. The Icers will have a very positive impact on decreasing climate change in New Jersey now and in the future.