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Several natural disasters are negatively affecting the way we live, and provide for ourselves. In NJ, North America, winters can be frigid, yet summers can be scorching hot. Large office buildings, schools, and shopping complexes may be affected by earthquakes. Even the smallest hiccup in a calculation in architecture can cause a complete failure, and the deaths of innocent individuals. We must raise awareness in architecture and engineering spaces to always double and triple check their work; but accidents can happen.. In order to prevent these accidents, we can manufacture a building material, called Silkene, meant for preserving the rigidity of buildings. A material like this will not be affected by bad weather, even if there is some miscalculation on the builder’s part. The material of the walls will be a combination of graphene and spider silk, which are both proved to be some of the strongest materials on planet Earth. We will market this building material to consumers by explaining the benefits and additional security measures it will add to your home. Graphene is an allotrope consisting of a single layer of atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb structure. Similarly, spider silk contains protein molecules aligned tightly together.