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The destruction of power/telephone lines during blizzards is a major problem for homeowners, posing a health/safety concern for both the home and its occupants. These lines, when knocked over, can not only risk the structural integrity of the house it may fall on, but also will cut off all electricity in a certain radius. The damage done to home goes without saying, however the loss of electricity can lead to many more problems than it may seem: food cannot be refrigerated, hypothermia can set in, and a loss of communication with the outside world. Luckily, a simple solution to this problem comes in a can. A special coat of paint designed to withstand fluctuation in temperature and protect from swaying can be easily applied to nearby power and telephone lines to help prevent their collapse. It is a clear, strong adhesive that will stick on for the duration of the winter months, thus preventing the poles from breaking. With the product’s success comes peace at mind for homeowners during a troubling time.