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Blizzards can be detrimental to all infrastructure, such as power lines, buildings, roads, cars, and more. These issues have been acknowledged and innovative ways have been invented to address this problem. The Polar Heater, a brand-new invention, uses renewable energy to heat conducting materials such as the roofs of cars. Energy is created when snow lands on top of the Polar Heater, using static electricity. This electricity is created when a positively changed substance, such as snow, lands on a negatively charged surface, the Polar Heater. The static electricity that comes from the mountains of snow during a blizzard can effectively power the Polar Heater throughout the storm. Although the energy can be used for anything, a major problem that occurs during blizzards is caused by the amount of snow, therefore the Polar Heaters, use the energy to heat up something like the roof of a car, or a power line. If the material isn’t a conductor, you can cover it in a sheet of aluminum, or other heat-conducting material, which the Polar Heater will have the built-in ability to attach to. With the Polar Heaters, power lines, cars, and more can be safe from blizzards.