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I want to address the fact that Colorado is in a drought and one of the two ways I came up with is planting native grasses that don’t use up as much water. The native grass that seems better is Blue Gamma grass how ever the native grasses are only green in may-early September. The other way that I found works is xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is an excellent alternative because it only needs a drip line if you have plants what most people do when xeriscaping is put rocks in or mulch. The problem with mulch is that it is expensive to buy mulch and refresh the mulch. You would need to change out or refresh the mulch every year or so. My family is trying to xeriscape as much as we can. We have also been letting natural grasses come is over the tall fescue grass. Tall fescue grass is what the builders who built your house put in. Tall fescue grass is a native grass in Europe. Colorado is nothing like Europe with weather and climate. Like in Colorado you could leave to school and its fifty degrees out and when you get out of school its snowing.