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We as a people have been using an unnecessary amount of water. My proposed solution to this problem consists mainly of only two steps. Combining these two steps will benefit a multitude of people and problems in the environment. The first step is that on hand washing sinks and other sinks, we install aerators, which will increase the pressure of the water. The second step is to install hand washing timers. This second step will help us not waste and overuse the water. It is recommended by the CDC that you wash your hands for a total of 20 seconds. This is the best way to preserve the amount of water we use washing our hands. The first step, which is the aerators for sinks, will increase the pressure of the water that is being dispensed, the way it does this, it uses air to reduce the amount of water, but also control the flow of the water. If we were to put these two steps together and apply them to most schools, the amount of water being wasted would drop significantly, and we would then go on to notice a change in the watershed for the better.