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Global Warming remains one of the largest threats of the human race today. My proposed solution to this issue is the creation of a machine that would be able to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, therefore decreasing carbon emissions in the atmosphere and, in turn, help put an end to global warming. This machine would suck in the carbon emissions/gasses. Using these carbon emissions, the machine would then create oxygen that will be released into the atmosphere through a small ventilation system found on the top of the machine. The machine would be held up by a large helium filled balloon that is attached to a point on the ground via a metal cable.If needed, it could be present in larger numbers in areas in which more carbon emissions are being produced compared to other areas, such as industrial areas. This conversion would both decrease the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere as well as produce large amounts of oxygen. This decrease in carbon emissions would lead to weakened effects of global warming, including rising sea levels. This will help protect those threatened by floods from global warming on New Jersey coasts.