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SewerRoads is a company that specializes in mass producing sewers with different types of designs. SewerCo is a company that builds sewers in the road that look like the surroundings. These two companies will be working together to create a new design for the sewers that blends into its surroundings. The designs will vary depending on which part of the road that the sewer is in. Sewers may be a solid black or gray, black or gray with yellow stripes, black or gray with a white stripe, or whatever color the curb is. This will prevent people from noticing the new sewers in order to create a more appealing surrounding. The newly designed sewers will be implemented into the sides of the road near the curb and in between the double yellow lines or on the single white line in the center of the road. These sewers will be able to quickly and efficiently drain more water which will result in a decrease in flooding. This will aid New Jersey in recovering after having storms.