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As a result of climate change, coastal flooding has been on the rise. While the patterns of the ocean cannot be altered directly, there are preventative measures that can be taken so that residents in these coastal regions can be more resilient when these destructive floods do occur. Primarily, homes can be raised further above the ground, with hopes that water levels will not reach the higher elevations. This can be done using various methods such as stilts, concrete, or piers. However, what if the water does reach this higher elevation and makes it into the homes? To prevent further damage, water pumps should be installed in the homes. These pumps can flush water out of the homes if it manages to get inside. Finally, for the safety of residents in times of flooding, all-electric installations should be installed higher up within the home. This way, if water gets in, there is less risk of electrocution due to the interaction between the water and the electricity. Hopefully, these precautions will help build resilience in coastal communities when coastal flooding increases as a result of climate change.