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A main aspect of climate change is due to the lack of renewable energy. This is because the use of nonrenewable energy tends to add to greenhouse gas emissions which are very harmful to the environment and contribute to negative climate change. In order to counteract these emissions people must begin to invest in renewable sources of energy and implement them into their households as an alternative. One option is solar power which is mainly fueled through solar panels. These can be installed in rooftops or yards and connected to houses through a series of wires. Another option is wind energy which is fueled through wind turbines. These are for more rural areas since the connection between the energy and households may not be as strong as the distance between them grows. The last option that is going to be discussed is geothermal energy which is generated from the heat within the earth and optimized through a multitude of technological devices. All of these courses of actions allow individuals to do their part in using renewable energy to prevent further negative climate change.