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New Jersey is a state on the east coast meaning it is perceptible to storms and flooding, especially to those living near water sources and on shores. Some examples of this harmful weather include Superstorm Sandy which took place in 2012 and flooded some areas in New Jersey with up to 18 feet of water, where over 50% of drowning-related deaths happened to those who drowned in their own homes. In order to prevent more deaths, I have proposed a plan to implement safe houses in towns that are more susceptible to flooding. These safe houses will be created out of stainless steel and silicone around the doors that will not open once the flooding has reached over 8 feet. These safe houses will be as big as a school in order to house all the people of a town and will make sure to be located at the center of every town so that everybody has equal access. Inside these houses, there will be food, water, beds, and clothing in case of the inevitable.