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The Impact of Superstorm Sandy In 2012, Hurricane Sandy impacted my town, Inwood, Long Island. When Hurricane Sandy made landfall certain areas of my neighborhood flooded due to the rise of sea levels by the Inwood Marina. Several houses near the marina were utterly destroyed and had to be rebuilt. In my house, the basement flooded and cleanup was needed to dry the basement floor. The storm also left the neighborhood without power for two weeks. My family and I evacuated and relocated to a relative’s house for several days. The outcome of Hurricane Sandy led to many homes near the water being elevated when they were rebuilt to prevent flooding and destruction. Moreover, I think there should’ve been more storm drains available in the neighborhood to prevent excessive flooding. I live down the road from the marina and the water should not have reached my street, let alone flowed into my basement. Lastly, I think building more seawalls by the marina would minimize flooding in the community.