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WILDFIRES A wildfire is an unplanned fire that burns in a natural area such as a forest, grassland, or paraire. Wildfires are often caused by human activity or a natural phenomenon such as lightning, and they can happen at any time or anywhere. In 50% of wildfires recorded, it is not known how they started. Impacts of wildfires are: They can disrupt transportation, communications, power, gas services, and water supply. They also lead to a deterioration of the air quality, and loss of property, crops, resources, animals and people. Wildfires in Turkey: The Turkish fires have been fuelled by a southern European heatwave fed by hot air from North Africa, which has also seen chaos grip other parts of the Mediterranean in recent years. Experts have warned that climate change is increasing both the frequency and intensity of wildfires. In July and August 2021, a series of more than two hundred wildfires burnt 1.700 square kilometers of forest in Turkey’s Mediterranean Region in the worst ever wildfire season in the country’s history.