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The MTA suffered an estimated $5 billion in damage from Superstorm Sandy. The damage from superstorm Sandy became the worst disaster to affect the transit industry in 108 years. Several subway stations were severely damaged, resulting in eight tunnels being submerged. Train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn was disrupted for several weeks after Superstorm Sandy. The floodwaters ravaged all five boroughs. From 3.4 feet in Throgs Neck Bronx to an astonishing 9.65 feet in Staten Island, no borough was left unscathed. A policy that I would put into effect would be that all future and current subterranean structures need to be built with saltwater corrosive resistant materials and add increased emphasis on more efficient drainage systems. To put this policy into effect I will lobby the state and local government to review building codes to ensure increased drainage and the use of saltwater corrosive-resistant materials be utilized for all subterranean structures. The result of the increasing severity and frequency of storms due to climate change will impact key infrastructural, economic, and residential areas. These impacts can endanger the lives and livelihoods of our nation's citizens. Also, the United States economy can be dealt great harm.