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Sockeye Salmon... YEEHAW!!! The normal climate for my community is humid and subtropical. What this means is that there are long, hot, humid summers, and mild, around forty-degree, short winters. Something that is likely to change in my local climate is that the summers will be longer and more humid. Schools, roads, and beach houses will be at risk by a climate hazard. To combat this challenge, schools will have shorter fall, winter, and spring breaks, and will have a long summer break so the students won’t have to deal with horrible weather and potential flooding around coastal areas. Beach houses will have to be relocated, and roads will have to be made from a more water and weather resistant material. To implement this plan people will need to do it during the 2 and ½ months of summer break. Coastal Roads will be teared up to install new ones. Government would buy beach houses and tear them down for walls to prevent coastal flooding during the process. ACT NOW!