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Our oceans are being polluted by trash and oil spills. This can contaminate our drinking water and the air we breathe. This also tampers with the ecosystems of earths aquatic animals. Garbage can kill marine life through toxins from chemicals used to make plastic, also things like plastic bags and straws can be seen as food and kill the animals. It changes the climate of the ocean as well. The extra carbon can warm the water. This is called a heat wave. These heat waves along with toxins can kill coral reefs and marine life to suffer and maybe even migrate to new areas. This can mess up food chains and many other cycles of life. Now that you know more about the problem, I have a solution. The only way we can prevent this problem from getting worse is working together, participate in your local community to spread awareness or organize a beach clean-up. You can also make more sustainable choices like recycling, purchasing reusable items like silverware or straws, and use electricity based or non-powered transportation, like an electric car or a bike. This lowers plastic and oil use. Help save our oceans.