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Florida coastal communities are facing threats to their businesses, infrastructure, and homes due to rising sea levels. Coastal floods already affect many coastal communities, and rising sea levels will continue to make them more dangerous, as well as a larger threat to peoples' wallets. Rising sea levels pose threats to over a trillion dollars in real estate and over 60,000 miles of American bridges and roads in Coastal communities. While rising sea levels may appear to only affect our coastal communities, said roads are used to transport oil and gas throughout the country, and 99 percent of overseas trade is handled by ports along coastlines. If nothing is done, people living in coastal communities will be at risk of losing their livelihoods, homes, and lives. To combat rising sea levels and the damage that comes with it, possible solutions include increasing funding for sea walls, raising infrastructure such as roads and bridges, and improving and increasing drainage systems. Additionally, coastal schools could have field trips to assist with putting up sand barriers before predicted storms, and could help with relief efforts after.