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Climate change is one of the largest global problems. It is bad for our health, future, and most importantly, the earth. Climate change is a major issue in warmer countries such as Israel. Israel is warming up about twice as fast as the world average. Temperatures in Israel can usually get as high as 30-40° Celsius (90-110° Fahrenheit) during the summer. By 2026 the number of days in Israel with a temperature over 34° Celsius will escalate. Due to global warming, heatwaves, dehydration problems, and organ damage problems are increasing. The main reason the temperature is rising is because of the heat-trapping gasses in the air. These gasses include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous monoxide. The gasses release into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned for transportation and agriculture. For this reason, I have decided to come up with a plan to reduce the amount of gasoline used, so that these gasses do not permeate the atmosphere. My idea is to reduce the prices of electric cars so that they are more affordable. After more people start buying electric cars, others will realize how much of a better alternative they are. Hopefully this plan minimizes some climate change problems.