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My hometown, Hangzhou, is suffering from frequent heat waves and the increasing use of energy for cooling caused by these heating waves during summer in recent years, and one of the factors that largely contributes to these extreme events will be the wide, continual use of air conditioners. It is because air conditioners can release Hydrofluorocarbons, which is one kind of strong greenhouse gas, during use. Using them also costs lots of water and electricity. In order to ease these two environmental problems, I considered an initiative of advocating people to use air conditioners less in my community. We can tell people to use air conditioners 1 hour less and advise people to use electric fans while using air conditioners, for this option can reduce both the time of using air conditioners and the total amount of electricity cost, then record people’s usage situations. The community stores’ cards as well as bonuses from the neighborhood committee will be given as incentive rewards to people who keep participating in the event. When most people in the community achieve this goal, we can lengthen the required time period. Finding alternatives to keep us cool can do the same for our planet.