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Climate change is a real issue. Combating climate change will take a lot of time. So having different ways to deal with weather phenomena would be a good thing to have out there. The kind of climate that Virginia has is one that has a lot of rain and varying weather. Virginia has this weather because more water is in the ocean and the earth is getting hotter. Because it rains so much it makes crops harder to plant and weakens signals in large storms. For farming, a few ideas would be to add a roof over crops so less rain will flood the tilled ground or have a border of wood around your crops so they won't move. Although there is still the temp change which can affect the crops even more than the rain. For the signals, you can get a signal booster so you can still contact people through the harsh weather. The way that I would get this information out there is by using a PSA and getting people to know some small things that can help them do day-to-day things and bring attention to an issue.