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The biggest issue facing humanity is global warming. This year, I witnessed my home in California being almost destroyed due to wildfires, droughts, and floods. These severe weather patterns are occurring worldwide. Black carbon is the second most significant contributor to climate change. 25% of these emissions come from wood stoves used by 3 billion people in low-income countries. Based on my research and conversations with EPA, numerous organizations have deployed improved cookstoves, but most implementations have failed. Users resisted transitioning to a new stove because they had a deep emotional tie to their existing stove and had personalized it to their needs. The best way to address this problem is not to replace the entire cookstove (the conventional wisdom) but rather to keep the existing cookstove and improve combustion efficiency by blowing air at the base of the fire with a fan. This is a revolutionary concept that hasn’t been implemented. I created a prototype of such a device and saw a 2X improvement in stove efficiency in my experiments! By improving combustion using such a device, we can reduce black carbon emissions by 50% and sell carbon credits to fund implementations, benefiting my community and the world.