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My Proposal Where I live is Mobile, Alabama, USA. Every year we get more and more of the effects of global warming. In the summer it gets hotter. In 2022, we had 100+ days in June. In 2021 and 2020, we were just 95 as our highest. In 2014, we almost never exceeded 95. It is from fossil fuels being released. It increases the static waters, changes water temperatures that affects fish migration, as well as being uninhabitable for humans. Yes, we need to get to work, and school. Public transportation is a great way to reduce the amount of people driving to work and school everyday. Such as more buses to work and school,and carpooling in neighborhoods for school. Another way to reduce fossil fuels being released is using bicycles, scooters, and skates. Not electric cars. Electric car batteries can not be reused, or recycled. They are left in a big pile. If we use bicycles, scooters, and skates as well as public transportation, it would decrease the fossil fuel output into the air and it would not allow us to go back to normal temperatures but to stop the rise of it. That is my proposal.