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Climate change is a big problem for Virginia. In Virginia, the temperatures have increased by at least 1degrees Fahrenheit since the start of climate change. This increase in temperature can cause many things, like increased humidity and a higher chance of heavy rainfall. Also, climate change has caused the ocean to advance on land by almost 2 inches every decade, forcing beaches to erode, supporting coastal flooding, and increasing the salinity of our waters. In addition, greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere make the ice melt due to higher temperatures and make oceans more acidic. Finding ways to try to stop climate change is a difficult task. However, there are ways to help the atmosphere. Some include having more public transportation and making most modes of transportation electric. But those are things that the community cannot easily influence. The community can encourage walking and cycling to people’s close destinations. One way we can encourage people to take action is to develop a club of people who enjoy biking. Also, the community should always take public transportation decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Doing this may encourage others to do the same by making small changes to relieve climate change.