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Turning NYC Green. Green urbanism is a design method that revolves around the idea of sustainable cities. Being that I live in a state home to the most populous city in the country. I decided to research the possible threats that climate change poses to New York City (NYC). Climate change will cause sea levels around the coast of New York to rise. Unless carbon emission rates are curbed. Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere warms the earth. In NYC 71% of emissions are from buildings. Specifically, the amount of electricity, heat, and cooling consumed by buildings. The use of electricity will increase the earth's temperatures, leading to land-based glaciers melting and thermal expansion. Researchers have concluded that greenery absorbs carbon dioxide. One solution would be green roofs that clean the air, absorb heavy rain, and provide insulation for buildings. Although, I think it could also be beneficial to grow produce on these roofs. Tenants could get produce without having to drive or take public transportation to the store. To contribute, I would like to create a garden in my school's field. We could grow produce in the garden, then sell the produce and use the money to expand the garden.