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In the Hampton Roads area of Virginia there are many flooding problems that impact our community. Mainly the problems are centered in our beach areas, such as Virginia Beach. With the rising sea levels, we have limited time to protect our residents, beaches, and habitats. Among the many ways we can protect our infrastructure, I propose these solutions to our flooding concerns. In my poster images I have included three diagrams for beach protection, boardwalk protection, and city protection. The beach protection will include all of the natural infrastructure such as sand barriers, sea walls made of rocks, and salt marshes to help buffer storms and flooding. The boardwalk protections consist of a secondary plan to prevent flood waters from reaching coastal cities and habitats if the natural infrastructure fails. Lastly, the city protections help prevent damaging flooding by improving drainage through vegetation and large drainage systems. They also provide access for escape with an alarm system and evacuation route for citizens during flooding. I believe this climate action could help protect the Hampton Roads area from damaging floods and other storms that may negatively impact our community in the future.