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Glaciers are melting because of warming oceans and higher temperatures, which then causes the sea levels around Virginia to rise. Eventually, the water will become high enough to cover land mass, destroying shorelines, buildings, and other important features. There are ways to stop this from ever happening, but that is only possible if everyone participates in these solutions. To stop temperatures from rising and oceans from warming, we have to stop producing carbon emissions. That means that we need to end deforestation, quit using non-electric cars, and stop burning fossil fuels. These all happen in daily life, and they cause the most carbon emissions. Many people need them, but it is necessary to cut off our reliance to them. Just by purchasing an electric car, you can become part of this battle against climate change. Another way to end rising sea levels is to restore and protect sea habitats. The lifeforms in the ocean actually absorb carbon emissions, which in return keeps the ocean temperatures down. So, if we preserve ocean life, the temperatures will stay stable. In due time, if we don’t take action, Virginia’s coastline will be flooded. With the help of the community, we can save ourselves.