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Climate Change is the global effect on the environment surrounding us. Storm surge is a climate change that greatly affects the US Coastline because strong winds push ocean water over low-lying coastal areas. I live in a Coastal environment where the citizens are at risk of storm surge. Over a decade ago, my community faced a destructive Atlantic storm, Hurricane Sandy. It destroyed many agricultural houses, buildings, roads, and even local schools. The infrastructure in the Rockaways is still very hazardous to the rising of hide tides. My community has been recovering from the damage inflicted by the 2012 disaster but it hasn’t been easy. There have been some minor precautions still in effect today but I think we should continue to stay vigilant. A plan of action to build a more resilient community could be to create more elevated homes, so high waters and the strong winds would be directed around the house. This large investment could be very beneficial to the future of other communities. A more inexpensive plan would be to stay prepared by having an emergency kit, covering up windows and doors, and always have a backup plan of somewhere to stay until the storm ends.