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I live in Burbage Grant in Suffolk, Virginia and the main climate hazard here is the muggy weather all throughout the summer. The moisture plus the 90 degree weather make it so the temperature feels like higher than 100 degrees. This kind of weather can melt roads or cars, it can also damage property, and can put people at risk of heat stroke. My climate action for this climate hazard is to add more shady areas in the community, like more trees and overhangs on more buildings, and to add crumb rubber to the roads. The crumb rubber is a form of ground-up material made from waste rubber products like old tires. The shady areas will allow paths, walking areas, and roads to be not as hot for people in the community and the crumb rubber will make it so the roads won’t melt as easily. All of these things make it so the community is safer from any accidents and heat stroke.