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Plastic waste is a global issue that seems to have no end to it. It can be tempting to drop it on the ground and leave it. However I know the importance of keeping the environment clean. We have to take into consideration that the easiest way to do the wrong thing is convenience. Which means the easiest way to do the right thing is Convenience. Although littering and plastic waste is worldwide It is especially an issue in my neighborhood. My plan to help make a change and a difference in my community is to give the people a good reason to help make the environment a better place and help others. Instead of just believing recycling is good for the environment which some people don't because they can’t see it. With this special garbage bin that will be distributed to people round the neighborhood when they put their plastics and bottles in the bin, bottles that can be recycled to machines for money will be recycled. With the money that comes from this the people can choose to receive it or give it away to homeless people or people in need. saving people and the environment all together.