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Climate change is a global problem that we as a society are all facing. I live in a community heavily impacted by rising sea levels and storm surges. My community slowly sinks everyday and places flood. In October of 2012 Rockaway was deeply affected by Hurricane Sandy. To this day we are still recovering from all the tragic losses. Currently Rockaway is still very vulnerable to flooding and sinking due to heavy rainfall and high sea levels. Just recently Rockaway experienced heavy rainfall and parts were flooded all over. When high tide hits certain streets in Rockaway are underwater. This needs to be prevented from happening at all or so often. As a community we need to agree and fight for protection from the rising sea levels. We need to find funding to elevate houses and build sea walls. Sea walls help prevent flooding and storm surges in communities. Rockaway can also work to provide natural barriers. We can start by planting more dunes in the sand to hold it together. Rockaway can also build more jetties out of natural rocks to prevent the water from coming through and washing out our beach sand.