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Downtown Suffolk has flooding hazards because of how our roads are built and how close our rivers are to the roads. Our storm risk is 91%. Our heat risk is 61%. So heat and storms is what Downtown Suffolk has to worry about. Due to the vast amount of precipitation that Downtown Suffolk, the frequency and intensity of storms and consequently flooding events are increasing as a result of climate change, including sea level rise (SLR). In coastal areas, flood zones established by FEMA represent both riverine and coastal flooding hazards. For precipitation flooding we should create better drainage systems that are less likely to be clogged. For tidal flooding we can fix the roads so there are no dips where rivers and water is. Between 1851 and 2005, 78 storms passed within the region.Only 2 of them were Category 3 hurricanes, eight were Category 2 hurricanes, 16 were Category 1 hurricanes and 49 were tropical storms. The remainder were tropical or extra tropical depressions. Which has caused approximately 300 deaths. To prevent all of the flooding hazards and deaths from storms we fix our drainage systems but also our house structures to make them more study and reliable.