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Coastal flooding is a common problem on the coast. Coastal flooding happens when heavy rains and strong storm surges push waves of water onto land. This can cause significant damage to homes, other buildings, and roads. The effects of coastal flooding have significantly increased in previous years. This is due to the rise of the sea level. Due to global warming, ocean levels have been rising because of the melting glaciers and ice sheets. Ultimately the leading factor in the worsening flooding is climate change, so theoretically you would have to reverse climate change in order to lessen damage. Because of the slow process of climate change, we need a faster and more efficient way to stop the water from flooding everything. Dikes and seawalls would be the most effective way to prevent flooding while we try to stop the effects of climate change. Dikes and seawalls hold a decent amount of water from homes and roads. Also improving the tolerance to salt water in infrastructures of buildings and homes can help with the deterioration of the building. Ultimately was can lessen coastal flooding short term with dikes and seawalls and completely reduce it long term by controlling climate change.