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When dealing with climate change, many opt to point toward fossil fuels as the main culprit, and it is. However, their solution to this is to replace fossil fuels simply by replacing everything with electricity. While the use of electricity is a supremely more sustainable idea, it is how the manufacture and batteries cause issues. To supply power to these batteries, many use charging stations that are powered by fossil fuels. The materials needed to manufacture these batteries are also problematic. The use of nickel, lithium, cobalt, and others which are found in energy-intensive mines, where the ecosystems are being destroyed to mine these resources. A solution to this is to develop a much more sustainable way of charging and manufacturing these batteries. A plausible idea could be to manufacture new car batteries with old dead batteries, lowering the need for newly mined resources. The batteries would most likely have lower battery life and range, to combat this more charging stations would be needed to be built causing a greater strain on local infrastructures. To combat this green energy farms, such as windmills and solar farms would need to be constructed. Ultimately leading to lower carbon emissions.